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Product Review: A Couple Smart Cookies *vegan*

These bite size soft cookies were sent to us to try from A Couple Smart Cookies come in three cute, descriptive flavors: peanut butter loves chocolate chip, fudge squared, and pumpkin dates cherry. These cookies are made by Smart Planet Kitchen, a company based out of Laguna Beach, California.
These vegan mini-cookies came in a small resealable plastic [...]

Product Review: Shabtai Rainbow Cookies – gluten free/ dairy & casein free/ kosher/ soy free/ gfcf

These gluten free “cookies” from the Shabtai Gourmet Bakery come in a 12 ounce box, and are more like mini pieces of cake than a cookie. You would never guess they are gluten free. Ever.  Each piece is just big enough for two bites or so.
These gluten free cookies are very moist, soft, and enrobed [...]

Product Review: Bread of Life Flax Shortbread Gluten Free Cookie- wheat free/ nut free/ organic ingredients

This has to be my favorite Bread of Life cookie, hands down. This Flax Shortbread cookie is simply yummy!
This is a fresh baked, individually packaged, and generously sized cookie that doesn’t kill me with sweetness. Yes, it is a treat and is somewhat sweet thanks to the evaporated cane juice, but I just love the [...]

Product Review: Natasha’s Health Nut Cookies- gluten free cookies/ reduced carbs/ no added sugar

These are amazing!

Natasha’s makes three flavors of health nut cookies that I was happy to review.
Natasha ( yes, she is a real person) creates and makes these yummy snack cookies and ships them fresh to your doorstep. They come in a package of 6 and boasts the fact that they are flourless/ gluten free, have [...]

Product Review: Bread of Life Buttery Gluten Free Sugar Cookie- gluten free/ rice free/ oat free/ nut free

A fresh baked, portable, individually wrapped, gluten free sugar cookie. This would be perfect for those times when I am traveling and want something sweet, but homemade. This, I had to try.
Bread of Life creates these gluten free sugar cookies in a dedicated gluten free facility that is also free of rice, soy, rye, nuts [...]

Gluten-Free Pantry Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie Mix

This mix caught my eye when I was searching for the Gluten-Free Pantry’s chocolate version. Since I haven’t found a decent yellow or vanilla cake mix yet, I thought I’d give this a try since most of their products are decent and reliable. I purchased this 15 ounce mix for $3.99, and it makes [...]

Product Review: Namaste Foods Cookies Mix- gluten free / GFCF

I have tried Namaste’s brownie mix, and since I loved it so much I was really excited to see if this mix was just as good. I purchased the mix at Nature’s Pantry for $5.99 (gulp!). At this price, I really hoped it would be worth it. This mix makes 2 dozen medium sized cookies.
Mixing [...]

Mi-Del Chocolate Mint Sandwich Cookies- gluten, wheat free

A Gluten free mint oreo? This, I had to try.
Since I already reviewed Mi-del’s chocolate sandwich cookies, I thought I knew what to expect-a fairly crunchy cookie, but with a mint twist. However, I knew I was in trouble from the first bite.
I took a bite, and thought I would break a tooth- I couldn’t [...]

Enjoy Life Soft-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies- milk, corn egg, nut, soy, gluten, wheat free; kosher

I was very curious about these cookies. How wonderful would it be to have a ready made gluten free chocolate chip cookie that was soft and yummy? I hoped this was the answer.
I purchased these cookies at a local grocer near my parents home the last time I was there for a visit. I paid [...]

Glutino Vanilla Dreams Sandwich Cookies- gluten free/ wheat free/ egg free

Hmmm, after by disappointing experience with the vanilla KinniToos sandwich cookies, I was hoping these cookies would make up for it. There has to be at least one good GF sandwich cookie out there, right? I just remember having these types of cookies when I was growing up- there’ s just something comforting about a [...]

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