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Sugar Cookie Showdown! Pure Pantry vs. Sun Flour Mills vs. Gluten Free Mama

Posted on | February 27, 2012 | 2 Comments

Which gluten free sugar cookie reigns supreme?

I admit, I am a sucker for the Food Network and Iron Chef. I love the competition and creativity that shines through.  Now, I am obviously not even close to being a gluten free Iron Chef, but I did create a sugar cookie showdown, inspired by Bobby Flay’s show.

My sister, children, and I baked and tested three brands of sugar cookies over the holidays.  We tested them naked, and topped with buttercream and cream cheese frostings, and of course, a ton of sprinkles.  Here was how they ranked:

#1: First place went to Sun Flour Mills sugar cookie mix!  The flavor of these sugar cookies was a unanimous winner by all!  They were substantial in heft, but light enough to almost melt in your mouth despite their light crispness.  The only down side is that these are a drop cookie, and are not able to be used for sugar cookie cut outs.  To get around that, we simply frosted them as is, and they tasted great.  This cookie also tasted the sweetest, and didn’t need as much frosting as the other two mixes.

#2: Gluten Free Mama sugar cookie mix
received  a close second place.  This mix was pretty versatile, and could be used to make thin crisp cookies or thick, soft cookies, it just depended how thick I rolled out the dough and how long I baked them.  When using this mix, I always make thick, soft, sugar cookie cutouts with heaps of creamy buttercream frosting.  Sooo good!

#3 The Pure Pantry cookie mix
These sugar cookies performed well, but had a bit of an aftertaste to them.  They made great  thin cookies, and stood up to the frosting and sprinkles well. Definitely was decent mix, but paled in comparison to the other two.  The sweetness was the most mild of the three.

Because we had so many cookies, I froze about half of them, and they all stored beautifully in the freezer with no loss of texture or flavor.

Do you have a favorite recipe or mix for gluten free sugar cookies?


2 Responses to “Sugar Cookie Showdown! Pure Pantry vs. Sun Flour Mills vs. Gluten Free Mama”

  1. Lori S
    February 29th, 2012 @ 11:08 am

    I just recently made a box of Sun Flour Mills sugar cookies and they taste exactly what I love in a sugar cookie. I most likely won’t try any others because “WOW” were they ever good!

  2. Samantha
    March 3rd, 2012 @ 2:23 pm

    My personal fave is the GF Mama mix, too bad it came in second. My kids like frosting these cookies for Christmas, and giving them as gifts.

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