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Restaurant Review: Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza – Las Vegas, Nevada- gluten free pizza!

Posted on | February 3, 2009 | 4 Comments

Thanks for all of the emails and hints for eating gluten free on my trip to Las Vegas!  This was my first gluten free meal I had in Las Vegas, and my first experience ordering a gluten free pizza.
As a surprise, my husband took me to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza located at 6500 W. Saraha Rd.  approximately 5- 10 minutes from the Strip. Sammy’s has 15 locations in California and Nevada. I have never had a gluten free pizza at a restaurant before, so this was a special treat for me.
Sammy’s does not have a separate gluten free menu, but under “pizzas’ it indicates that you may request a gluten free crust for an additional $3 on top of the $10-11 charge for the large personal size pizza. To me, this was a small price to pay! Most of the pizza toppings are naturally gluten free and I ended up ordering the goat cheese gluten free pizza that is topped with organic goat cheese (obviously), mushroom, red onion, garlic and organic spinach. We also ordered an oak roasted asparagus appetizer topped with prosciutto, shaved romano cheese and drizzled with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Yum!
The pizza itself had a very, very thin crust that was quite crunchy and a bit chewy along the edges, almost like a tortilla.  It had a nice flavor and stayed crisp and tasty under all of my pizza toppings. Overall, the goat cheese pizza was excellent and I would order it again with no hesitations.  The total cost for the fresh baked gluten free pizza was around $14. I didn’t think that was bad for a nice dinner out.
The service was impeccable- our server double checked that my order was gluten free with the cooks and expressed more than once how happy they were to be able to provide a pizza for me that I could eat.  They made me feel welcome, but not a “special case.” Overall, I has a great experience and will definitely eat there next time I am in Las Vegas.
Pros: willing staff to double check gluten free menu items, food tasted great!
Cons: No separate gluten free menu, be prepared to ask lots of questions, especially if you want appetizers or salads.
For locations and a list of gluten free menu items, please click HERE to visit Gluten Free in San Diego’s website – a great site for gluten free menus

**Coming soon: another Sammy’s review- San Diego location!


4 Responses to “Restaurant Review: Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza – Las Vegas, Nevada- gluten free pizza!”

  1. Sophia
    February 27th, 2009 @ 5:05 am

    I recently moved to Las Vegas about 6 months ago & live less then a mile away from this place & had no idea they had gluten free pizza! I am going there this weekend! Thanks so much for informing us.

    It’s too bad that the crust has to be thin & cracker like tho. I mean…..I could make myself a fancy cracker. haha.


  2. robin rudowsky
    March 20th, 2011 @ 12:03 pm

    Funny but I have some of the same comments as above (crust, very thin, chewy, almost like a tortilla) and didn’t like it and thought $3.00 additional for that was expensive. Flavor of the sauce and topping (mushroom and cheese) was good but not good enough to make up for the crust. I am gluten-intolerant as well and agree it’s fantastic to find restaurants who serve g-f food but I personally would not go back to Sammy’s. It was not cooked in a gluten-free oven, to the best of my knowledge, so if you’re super sensitive you’d want to check that out. I have had gluten-free pizza in the Phoenix AZ area ( and it was EXCELLENT! It is available in a number of restaurants there as well as 1 restaurant here in Vegas (Streets of NY Pizza).

  3. Cass
    March 7th, 2012 @ 8:22 pm

    My family and I currently reside in Las Vegas and dine at Sammy’s about once a week. We normally eat at the Centennial Hills location but were on Sahara and decided to give the W. Sahara location a try. I was not impressed in the least. My family went out to celebrate a very big step in our lives and our whole evening was soured due to our dining experience. We chose to sit outside on the patio because the fireplace was lit and it was nice weather. The WHOLE time we sat there, two little boys ran around the fire, near our table, and back and forth right in front of the entrance to the restaurant. My husband asked them politely to cease and they did. For one minute, and then came back out again and started running around. Their parents had already paid for the bill and were just sitting in the reception area talking while their children were outside running around. While we sat there, four other couples came in to dine at the restaurant and every single one of them had to dodge the children or tell them to stop running so that they could get to the entrance. Finally, I went inside to address the parents regarding their children and was treated rudely by them and told that they had gotten permission from the restaurant (a server) for their sons to play outside directly in front of the restaurant. I want to make clear that up until this point, I did not hold the staff at the restaurant accountable. However, when I complained to the manager, Heather Ryan, about the situation, she did nothing. The children were told to stay inside (where they stood and made rude gestures at the front entrance), but came out again by the fire when their parents came out and sat at an outside table. Then, after they left, their parents stood in the parking lot talking while their children ran around the entrance still, this time knocking over a plant. I am utterly disappointed in Sammy’s ability to handle this situation. The complete disregard of our complaint about our dining environment is appalling. We were offered no form of compensation, no apology, no form of remorse whatsoever. If this is the way that Sammy’s wishes to treat its customers, then my family and I emphatically make the decision to not dine here again.

  4. Karen
    March 18th, 2012 @ 4:58 pm

    What a hassle! That is not the way anyone would want to spend their evening out. I hope they reach out and remedy the situation.

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