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Product Review: Udi’s Classic Hamburger Buns – dairy free

Posted on | January 14, 2012 | 3 Comments

Gluten Free hamburger Buns

Thank you Udi’s for saving me at my tailgate parties this fall!

My family started a tradition of tailgating at our college alma mater home football games this year. It’s a fun time to spend together, playing sports and tasting some great cookout foods.  Typically I would bring a  Kinnikinnick hamburger bun, drizzle it with olive oil and grill it on the grill with our burgers to minimize crumbling and the bun breaking part.  Thanks to Udi’s, I don’t have to do that anymore.

I found Udi’s gluten free hamburger buns in my local grocery store’s freezer case for $4.50 for a pack of 4 buns.  Pricey? Yah, but after eating gluten free for so many years, I am past the sticker shock. It is what it is.

I am quite pleased with the versatility of these gluten free hamburger buns.  I can throw a frozen one in our cooler for tailgating, and by the time our burgers ready to eat a few hours later the bun is thawed and ready for a thick hearty burger, loaded with toppings and sauce.  I’m not a dainty burger eater- the more toppings the better! This Udi’s bun really stood up and held it together. In fact, the way the bun looks, it actually looks like a gluten hamburger bun in size and color. It was so nice not to feel different or left out for once.  However,  it is slightly more dense than a gluten bun, but is soft and smooth with very little graininess. It also has a mild”white bread” flavor that doesn’t detract from your burger or sandwich fillings.

At home, I simply defrost a bun in the microwave for 30 seconds if I want to have a burger, a mini hoagie sandwich, or pulled pork sandwich, with great results. For me, it defrosts evenly and doesn’t leave a frozen center that some other buns have when I defrost them in the same manner. It’s very convenient when you are the only gluten free consumer in the home.

Overall, this is a product I keep stocked up in my freezer. Thanks Udi’s!

Rating: 5 stars

Pros: great appearance, flavor, defrosts evenly, stands up to sauces and hearty toppings with ease

Cons: Can’t really think of any


Ingredients: filtered water, tapioca starch, brown rice four, sunflower oil, egg whites, resistant corn starch, cane syrup, tapioca maltodextrin, potato flour, evaporated can juice, tapioca syrup, yeast (yeast, potato starch), sugarcane fiber, salt, gum ( xanthan gum, sdium alginate, guar gum), mold inhibitor ( cultured corn syrup, citric acid), xanthan gum, emzyme (calcium sulfate enzymes.

Nutritional Snapshot: 190 calories, 5 g. fat, 310 mg sodium, 4 g. fiber, 4 g. sugar, 5 g. protein


Want to try these gluten free hamburger buns?

Check your local grocer’s freezer case for your best price, or they may be individually or in bulk purchased from Udi’s directly via their website. But beware, the shipping costs are pretty high- more than $22 for 2 day shipping to ensure they arrive fresh.

You may also buy in bulk from The price is a bit higher for the product but shipping is free.


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