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Product Review: Mispacha Flavored Coating Crumbs

Posted on | March 31, 2012 | Comments Off

This is a kosher parve, Passover approved product. sent us Mispacha gluten free flavored coating crumbs to try out. This 6 ounce package retails for $2.49. The manufacturer recommends using this product for breading on either chicken or fish. I used it to make eggplant parmesan instead.

I poured the breading on a plate and noticed how small the granules were. This potato based coating product”s color and crumb size reminded me of imitation mozzarella cheese. Because of the size of the crumbs it coated the eggplant very well. It did not clump together but laid a thin coating.

I baked the coated eggplant in the oven. When it was time to turn my eggplant,  the crumbs did not stick to the pan, but adhered perfectly to the eggplant. When it was completely Stora jackpots, massor av spanning och underhallning i toppklass! Spelautomater ar en stor spelfavorit for manga spelare, sa varfor inte prova sjalv och ta reda pa varfor? cooked I saw that the crumbs crisped up and continued to coat the eggplant. Perfect!  The package stated that the crumbs are flavored, but I didn”t notice much of a flavor at all.

In an eggplant parmesan recipe, tomato sauce is used to top the breaded eggplant .Unfortunately,  when the tomato sauce came in contact with the coated eggplant, the gluten free crumb coating softened very quickly. Within a minute the coating became very soggy and almost inedible. How disappointing!

If this breading is used with chicken or fish without a sauce, it may taste better, but with eggplant parmesan it was just so-so and didn”t perform as I had hoped.

Rating: 3 stars

Pros: kosher for passover, tiny granules coat well, toasts up nicely

Cons: no flavor, becomes soggy quickly

Review submitted by Kristina


Ingredients: potato starch, dehydrated potatoes (contains sulfates to maintain whiteness), salt, dehydrated onions, cottonseed shortening, sugar, spices

Nutritional Snapshot: (2 Tbsp) 70 calories, .5g fat, 15g carbohydrates, 1g protein


This product may be purchased from

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