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Product Review: Joans GF Great Bakes Ready To Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

Posted on | December 3, 2008 | 5 Comments

I love the idea of these gluten free chocolate chip cookies!

Joan’s GF Great Bakes sent me this ready to bake cookie dough to try out. I was amazed- they are even pre-scooped/shaped! All you have to do is place the scoops of frozen dough on a cookie sheet, bake, and then eat. It doesn’t get much easier than that for fresh baked gluten free cookies! Each package is 10 ounces and contains enough dough for 12 cookies and cost $10.

Unfortunately, my cookies don’t look very appetizing, even though they tasted really good.  I fully blame my high altitide location for this, though, since this used to happen with my own home made cookies.

These gluten free chocolate chip cookies are sweet and chewy. The flavor is pleasant and doesn’t scream “I’m gluten free!” My picky children even liked these. The texture was difficult to assertain since they flopped flat in my oven, but I didn’t sense any grittiness or coarseness, which was another bonus.

Overall, these are tasty cookies that are a great option when you want fresh baked gluten free cookies, without the mess or fuss.

Pros: great flavor, easy prep

Cons: Results vary with higher altitude locations, expensive

Rating: 4 stars

Ingredients: GF flour blend (corn starch, tapioca flour, rice flour), light borwn sugar, sugar, butter, butter, eggs, salt, GF baking soda, xanthan gum, gf vanilla, chocolate chips (chocolate, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin, vanilla)

If you want to try this gluten free product yourself, please visit Joan’s GF Greatbakes website for ordering information


5 Responses to “Product Review: Joans GF Great Bakes Ready To Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. David
    December 3rd, 2008 @ 7:49 pm

    My family has tried Joans baked goods and we find them very good. Considering what is out there for celiacs this is a welcome addition to our daily menu.

  2. Peggy
    December 4th, 2008 @ 1:52 am

    These GF cookies that you bake yourself look pretty good to me, but the price sounds outrageous! Convenient, yes–but at what price?

    I heartily recommend a similar product from GlutenFreeda. There are several varieties, all with fun names like “Minty Python” and “Chip, Chip, Hooray!” These are the two varieties I’ve tried and found them both to be yummy, easy, and very handy to have in the freezer. They come in a tub that looks somewhat like an ice cream tub, with 12 frozen “cookie pucks” in each one. I bought them on sale for $4 each, which is 3 cookies for a dollar (hard to beat that price!). The members of my celiac support group who have tried them were also enthusiastic about the quality.

  3. Karen
    December 8th, 2008 @ 4:36 pm

    Thanks for the info Peggy! I’ll have to check out that brand, it sounds great. I know, these cookies are expensive, bit I guess if you like them enough, they *may* be worth the price.

  4. Jenn
    October 27th, 2009 @ 3:14 pm

    just a question … if they contain milkfat, how can they be dairy/casein free?

  5. Karen
    October 28th, 2009 @ 4:40 pm

    Jen, I don’t believe my review states these cookies are dairy/casein free.

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