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In the News: Chuck E. Cheese offering gluten free pizza and cupcakes

Posted on | May 17, 2012 | 1 Comment

Gluten free pizza has been in the news lately, and Chuck E. Cheese, which is famous for it’s games, rides, and dining entertainment for children, has been part of the hoopla.  But unlike negative press surrounding Domino’s gluten free pizza crust,  Chuck E. Cheese is the real deal.  This makes me so happy for the little ones out there if they want to have a birthday party, or even attend one there.  Now they don’t have to be left out!

In Minnesota, they are test marketing a truly gluten free personal size cheese pizza produced by Conte’s Pasta in a gluten free facility. The pizza’s are shipped frozen and baked in the sealed bag until opened table side and sliced with a personal pizza cutter.  It’s the same situation with chocolate fudge cupcakes produced by Fabe’s all natural bakery that are sweetened with fruit juices and vegetables.  The cupcakes are packaged and sealed individually until opened at the table to ensure cross contamination is not an issue. If this test market performs well, they hope to offer gluten free birthday parties and options at more locations outside of Minnesota.

I used to take my children to Chuck E Cheese from time to time, and I would have loved to have a pizza of my own while they enjoyed their gluten pizza.  I see this as a great option for both parents and children. Bravo Chuck E. Cheese!  I think they set a great example for serving the Celiac and gluten free community.

Youtube video: Chuck E Cheese gluten free options


One Response to “In the News: Chuck E. Cheese offering gluten free pizza and cupcakes”

  1. Teresa Cook
    May 18th, 2012 @ 6:01 am

    This is wonderful. I am a grandmother who goes to Chuck E Cheese every year for a birthday party. It would be very nice to be able to eat pizza with my grandchildren. The cupcakes just top off the pizza grandly. Thanks for stepping up and joining the gluten-free society and enabling us to really join in the festivities.

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