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Hol-Grain Brownies- wheat and gluten free

Posted on | January 24, 2007 | No Comments


I bought this brownie mix from a local natural foods store for $4.29, much less than some of the other mixes. So I thought, why not try it out?

The recipe was easy to mix by hand and pop into the oven into an 8×8 pan. When the brownies finished baking, I cut into them while they were still pretty warm with no problems or stickiness.

Overall, these are decent gluten-free brownies. They aren’t the best I’ve had, but certainly not the worst. (The worst being my attempt at homemade gluten free brownies- not a pretty sight).


 Pros:The top of the brownies were a bit crispy and crinkly, just the way I like them. They are very moist and fudgy, even when slightly overbaked. They have a mild cocoa flavor and nice texture, no obvious graininess or crumbling from the rice flour. The cut brownies hold their shape very well.

Cons: These are very sweet brownies. At times it almost overhwelmed the coca flavor. There was also a chalky feeling left in my mouth after eating one.

 Bottom line: I would buy these again, but not rave to my gluten-free friends. These would be great with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream. Now that would really make them even better!

Rating: 3 stars


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