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Product Review: Goldbaum’s Zesty Rice Crisps (3 flavors: Sweet Chili, Garlic & Original) – gluten free/ sugar free/ kosher/ organic

Posted on | December 8, 2008 | No Comments

I have snacked on many rice crisps since going gluten free two years ago. I wanted a substitute for the light, crispy crackers I used to enjoy.

Well, I’m not going to lie, it’s just not the same. But I have learned that a gluten free product doesn’t have to be “the same” in order to be good. It took me a while to appreciate that, but it can still be frustrating when all you want is a Triscuit.

These baked gluten free rice crisp crackers from Goldbaums are similar to other rice crackers. They are smooth, flat, wafer like crackers. They are also crispy, and unfortunately, break easily. Despite the fact that these crackers are packages in dual protective plastic trays in stay fresh wrappers, 25% of my crackers were crumbled and broken. That didn’t stop me from eating them though. They were pretty good! All flavors tasted pure and I did not notice any aftertaste that sometimes is present in gluten free crackers.

I tested the three following flavors:

Sweet Chili Flavor: (my favorite flavor)have a nice kick of flavor and spice to them. In fact, you can even see the flecks of spice on these gluten free rice crackers. As you eat them, the flavor and spice really increases. These crackers taste great and pair perfectly with steaming bowl of chili

Garlic Flavor: has a really strong garlic flavor with a subtle sweetness. I enjoyed these with a sandwich or soup.

Original Flavor: the most versatile flavor, These crackers are mildly flavored and would pair well with just about anything, or would be great alone as a snack.

Overall, this is a pleasant tasting gluten free product that I would buy for snacks and meals. Each  3.7 ounce package sells for around $3.50.


PROS: light, crisp pleasant flavors, no aftertaste,

Cons: breaks easily

Rating: 4 stars

Want to try these for yourself? Click the links below for purchasing and ingredient information:

Goldbaum’s Natural Foods Zesty Choice Sweet Chili Gluten-Free Rice Crisps

Goldbaum’s Natural Foods Zesty Choice Garlic Flavor Gluten-Free Rice Crisps

Goldbaum’s Natural Foods Zesty Choice Original Flavor Gluten-Free Rice Crisps


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