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Cookbook Review: Gluten Free With Love: Hypoallergenic Recipes for the Sensitive Family by Tricia Fecteau

Posted on | October 15, 2009 | No Comments

This cookbook totally reminds me of the church cookbook my grandma used to have in her pantry.
Gluten Free With Love, a gluten free cookbook by Tricia Fecteau, is a simple cookbook that offers lighter home-style recipes for your average at-home cook. I took a long time to test most of the recipes, and even asked my sister to test some of the recipes as well.
I really liked that . . .
. . . the recipes contained nutritional information and was labeled “quick” to prepare or “lowcal”
. . . the author attempted to recreate traditional, basic comfort foods
. . . didn’t use fancy names for the recipes – “it is what it is”
. . . features a variety of recipes-  main courses, sides, desserts, dressings, drinks, dressings, breakfast entrees, muffins, soups
. . . the types of recipes would appeal to a large variety of people
. . . the recipes utilize pantry-friendly ingredients
. . . the recipes are designed to be lower in sugar and in many – but not all – dairy ingredients
I was disappointed that . . .
. . .    a few typos and omissions made it difficult to follow some of the recipes i.e. ” 1/4 honey,”  not specifying whether to add the noodles cooked or uncooked in the ziti.
. . . recipe directions were not as clear and concise as my other cookbooks. At times I wondered if I was making the dish correctly.
. . . the recipes were mild in flavor and spice;  I tend to prefer bolder flavors in my recipes.
. . . no photos were included. Usually this doesn’t phase me, but because the directions were not clear at times, it would have been nice to have a photo to reference.
. .  that in the introduction the author credits her and her husband’s weight loss to ”this diet”  ( I assume gluten free, low sugar and low dairy?) As a person with Celiac where weight gain is a frustrating symptom of my disease and not a result of poor eating habits, it just rubbed me the wrong way.
Some of the recipes I tested: zuchinni muffins, french toast, mexican 8-layer dip, brunch scrambled eggs, brunch enchiladas, apple streusel coffee cake, chicken parmesan, corn tortilla pizza, peanut butter cookies, mock graham crust, hamburger loaf, chicken and rice, ziti casserole, vanilla smoothie, cilantro feta- pesto, sweet and sour sauce, hot broccoli mold, hash brown casserole, french potato soup
Overall, this wasn’t a cookbook that inspired me to cook, but it has some familiar and simple recipes that may appeal to a variety of people.
Think this cookbook may be for you? Please check out the link below:


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