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Gluten Free Friendly Ideas for Valentines Day

Posted on | January 31, 2012 | 2 Comments

Valentines Day can be a bit tricky when you have Celiac Disease or need to eat gluten free due to gluten sensitivities, allergies or for other health reasons.  Unfortunately, many fine chocolates and boxed sweets contain gluten or have cross contamination issues.  Or, you may have a child that feels left out when his or her friends are enjoying sweet Valentine treats, or at class parties at school. Therefore, I wanted to round up a few ideas for desserts or sweets you could give your loved one that eats gluten free, for your family, or for yourself!

And lucky for you, we are featuring some of these products as part of our Valentine Give-aways we will offer later this week.  Be sure to check back and enter to win free gluten free goodies that would be great for Valentines Day!

First, from Surf Sweets, one of my favorite gummy candy companies, has created a perfectly portable and fun gummy candy that fits the sweet and fun bill for adults and children alike!  These fruity organic gummy hearts come in watermelon and cherry flavors and contain no corn syrup. They are gluten free, dairy free, nut free and are vegan.  They are sold at Whole Foods nationwide, and online at

Next up is an amazing gluten free cake from uforia confections.  It is a “thousand layer” flourless cake in vanilla or spice flavor.  They are very impressive looking,  and they are delicious! This delicate and light cake is great served with hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or your favorite wine, and is fancy enough to finish off the most classy and romantic meal. Uforia is offering a $5 off coupon in honor of Valentines Day. Use the coupon code uforia1k on their website HERE, and be sure to select the “gluten free” version when placing your order. The cakes may be ordered in a cake roll, mini, maxi, or personal sized cakes.

Sugar Cookie

Looking for something a little different for Valentines Day this year? Try wrapping up a box of crisp cookies from Lucy’s with a beautiful bow as a gift itself or as part of a gluten free Valentine gift basket. These cute boxes are just the right size for a gift without looking like they are just a regular box of cookies from the grocery store. They come in a whopping SIX flavors: sugar cookie, cinnamon thins, oatmeal, chocolate chip, ginger snap, maple bliss and chocolate. All cookies are gluten free, vegan and nut free.  These cookies may be found in many retail and grocery stores- click HERE for a store locator, or they  may be purchased from
also offers a variety pack featuring four flavors.

Dark Chocolate Delicious, creamy chocolate with premium fruit and nut ingredients, all wrapped up in a love poem. What could be more perfect for Valentines Day?  These are some of my favorite chocolates! Chocolove chocolate bars come in over 20  flavors, many of which have gluten free ingredients. My favorites are the chilies and cherries, raspberries, almonds & sea salt, & crystallized ginger in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and  hazelnuts in milk chocolate. And what makes this chocolate unique, is that it contains fantastic love poems and quotes on the inside of the wrapper that are insightful and touching – nothing too cheesy, thank goodness. I find these at my local Harmons grocery store and Whole Foods, and they may also be ordered online from the Chocolove website.

A note of caution with the Chocolove chocolate bars… not all the flavors have gluten free ingredients, so please double check the label.  This company does not certify their chocolate bars gluten free, so if this makes you squirm a bit, that’s OK. I have eaten these numerous times with no cross contamination reactions or gluten reactions and feel comfortable consuming them. But then again, I also eat Cool Ranch Doritos and Plain Hershey bars, and they are not certified gluten free. Something to keep in mind.

If you want to go the homemade route with minimal fuss, making homemade sugar cookies from the Gluten Free Mama sugar cookie mix is a great idea. These cookies bake up thick and soft and pair well with buttercream frosting and your choice of gluten free sprinkles. I made these gluten free sugar cookies, and used a tiny cookie cutter to create the heart in the center. I placed the tiny heart shaped cookie cutter on top of the frosted heart cookie, then poured red sugar sprinkles inside.  The cutter acted as a template beautifully!  Even better, these gluten free sugar cookies freeze really well, so if you will be short on time on Valentines day, you can whip up a batch of these cookies ahead of time, freeze them, and they will be perfect when you need them, simply let them thaw on your counter for a hour or so. Click HERE to order from the Gluten Free Mama website.

Finally, I just had to share the sweets my husband and I love the most. We first discovered them in a shop at the Hotel Del Coronado, and savored them while enjoying a fantastic sunset. Totally romantic.  And of course it helped that our Bequet Celtic Sea Salt Gourmet Caramels were to die for! Seriously, they are the best candies we have ever tasted.  They are soft and rich with just the right amount of sea salt to make them irresistible.  They are now labeled gluten free as well!  They may be purchased from the Bequet website in a variety of gift boxes or gift bags for every budget, and even feature a special Valentine ribbon if you so choose.  They are also available in a one pound gift bag from
Hopefully these gluten free Valentines Day suggestions help give you some ideas how to celebrate in a really “sweet” day! As always, please double check ingredients to stay safe.

Do you have suggestions on how to celebrate Valentines day gluten free style? Please leave a comment and share you ideas!


2 Responses to “Gluten Free Friendly Ideas for Valentines Day”

  1. Linda Barnhart
    February 1st, 2012 @ 11:01 pm

    Dearest Karen, As I told you, you are such a blessing. I previously just couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to pass because, “Poor me” I couldn’t enjoy ANYTHING fun!! And now I see that I actually can. Thank you so much.

    Linda in Oregon

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    February 5th, 2012 @ 10:31 am

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