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Are you or a loved one on a gluten free diet? Want to try a new gluten-free product or mix, but unsure if it’s tasty enough to justify the price? Wishing you could make a home made gluten free dish or dessert, but you’re not sure what gluten free replacements are good to use?

Gluten free products and mixes can be expensive and risky- you don’t know if it’s good until you’ve already made the purchase!I am here to test these foods out first, and share my opinion. You can take it or leave it- it’s up to you!

Here you will find honest reviews and realphotos of gluten-free foods and mixes to help you decide what is worth your money. These reviews are concise and to the point- no long stories or online “clutter” for you to sort through. I also have links to product sites, gluten free recipes, and celiac disease information.

Most reviews feature pros and cons of gluten free products, as well as a overall rating based on a 5 star system:

1 star: Horrible! Never buying that again!

2 stars: edible, but not worth your money

3 stars: “so-so” not bad, but not great either

4 stars: a good, solid product

5 stars: Love it! Can’t wait to buy it again!

This is a place for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities to explore what gluten free products are out there and offer opinions and reviews on gluten free mixes and food items. So look around and please share your own opinions!

As always, please check labels and ingredient lists before purchasing- I can’t be responsible for you decide to eat!

I absolutely, do not, and will not, accept compensation for posts to preserve my review integrity.  I do accept product samples, but acceptance of such does not guarantee a  favorable review or publication. I do not guarantee a published review of samples provided to me. I do have affiliate accounts set up with companies and distributors, and money generated funds part of my annual hosting costs, but that’s it.  Those  accounts do not influence my reviews or recommendations in any way, and I do not sell or distribute any gluten free products. It is important for me to continue to publish honest and objective reviews.

Also, please be aware, that due to the rapid changes occurring in the gluten free arena, some products may be discontinued or purchasing links may become invalid. Ingredient lists may change, as well as packaging. I will try my best to keep things as current as I can. However, please be patient with me if you find something out of date before I do.

attention: no new reviews until December 2014. I’m in grad school and need my extra time to study :)

Have a product you’d like me to review? Want to share some feedback or thoughts?

Email me at:



*Please be patient with me, I do not check email every day and may take a while to get back with you. New reviews will be posted beginning in May 2013

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