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Product Review: Nogurt yogurt alternative: GFCF/ soy free/ vegan

Posted on | January 30, 2009 | 1 Comment

When Rich and Wholesome Foods, aka Nogurt, sent me these dairy free, soy free and gluten free yogurt samples, I knew it would be an interesting experience. In full disclosure, I love dairy based yogurt and can’t stand soy based yogurt. So where this version fall into my “love of yogurt” spectrum? Let’s taste and find out!
I tasted 3 flavors: pomegranate, orange, and blueberry. I was also sent chocolate, but it leaked in the package ( boo!).  Upon examining the ingredient list, it appeared that this product was a mixture of fruit purees thickened with oat and arrowroot flour, and sweetened with cassava syrup.
All three flavors had to consistency of a thick fruit puree. It was smooth, but not creamy like a milk based yogurt.  The pomegranate flavored smelled great, the other two had an odd smell with just a hint of a fruity aroma.
As for flavor, I think the combination of the banana puree  base and arrowroot and oat flour overpowered the fruit flavor of these “yogurts.”  This was the first time I tried a product with cassava syrup- may that is what threw me off? I’m not sure. To me, they didn’t taste good at all. The intensity of flavor also varied. The pomegranate had the strongest flavor, followed by the blueberry and the orange. There was unpleasant aftertaste with a  twinge of fruit flavor. I offered the blueberry flavor to my nephew, who has a milk allergy and slurps up soy yogurt like it’s nobody’s business. Yet, he took one bite and pushed the Nogurt away. He wouldn’t touch it.
Overall, I wasn’t a fan and will probably stick with my Yo plait.
Pros: pleasant texture, great consistency
Cons: flavor! Just didn’t do anything for me
Rating: 1 star
If you wish to try Nogurt for yourself, please check your local grocery store or natural foods store refrigerated section.
For ingredient lists for each flavor, click HERE to visit the Nogurt website.


One Response to “Product Review: Nogurt yogurt alternative: GFCF/ soy free/ vegan”

  1. Joy
    October 20th, 2011 @ 6:26 pm

    Thanks for mentioning what the product IS made of. I knew what it did not contain but could not find the list of ingredients anywhere on the web, Except here. I will purchase tomorrow

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