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GF Product Review Requests

*New reviews will begin posting in  early 2015. Thanks for your patience!*


Do you have a gluten free product or food you would like to see a review on? Simply post a response to any post or review and includes your first name and the product type, company, or category you would like more information on. (example: EnerG products, gluten free breakfast cereal, DeBoles corn spaghetti noodles etc). or you may email me at glutenfreefoodreviews [at] gmail {dot} com.

Gluten Free Companies:

If you have a gluten free product, cookbook, restaurant, bakery, or food you would like me to review, please email me at glutenfreefoodreviews [at] gmail [dot] com for more information and a shipping address.

Most reviews on feature photographs and a detailed, honest description of my experience with the gluten free foods and products. I do not accept compensation for reviews. If you opt to provide complimentary samples, please know that does not guarantee a favorable review, or  publication on my site.

Notes of interest for companies:

*Please  keep in mind that this gluten free blog is not a business, but a fun hobby that is meant to help other GF consumers out there. I will try to publish in a timely manner, but family and personal obligations may delay publication, or prevent it altogether.

* Please note that asking repeatedly when your product review will be published will not speed up the process, and employees or owners submitting false reviews to boost favorability will be deleted.  Also keep in mind my site is not a health food site. Thus, the focus of reviews is on flavor and texture.  I provide nutritional information as a service to my readers, but allow them to determine what is “healthy” or not for themselves.

*Please allow extra time for cookbook reviews, as I like to try many, many recipes before publishing a review.

Thanks, and happy reading!


(glutenfreefoodreviews – at –  gmail – dot – com) – FYI: Please be patient, as I do not check my GFFR emails daily. Thanks!

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