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Restaurant Review: Fuego Bistro & Pizzeria in Park City, Utah

Posted on | November 1, 2009 | 1 Comment

This appetizer of six shrimp in a bowl full of butter cost $10. Ouch.
My family and I went to Park City, Utah ( home of the Sundance Film Festival) for a weekend away with our children before the cold snowy weather sets in. It was fun to visit the Olympic sites and shop at the outlets, but I felt a tad frustrated with the gluten free eating options. We couldn’t find a place with a gluten free menu, and I was suspect of the restaurants that claimed they were “gluten free friendly”, but could not tell us over the phone which entrees could be prepared gluten free. In fact, there was one  eatery that claimed everything on their menu was gluten free . . . yahhhh right, whatever!
Our first night in Park City we settled on a Fuego Bistro & Pizzeria located at 2001 Sidewinder Dr.  They offered to cook some gluten free pasta if I brought in the pasta, as they stated all of their sauces were gluten free.   I declined that option, because in my mind, if I wanted to pay for my ingredients, I would just make it at home. I settled on their Wood- Fired Shrimp Bake, a shrimp & parmesan appetizer, prepared minus the breaded topping.
The good news: My dish was prepared with no cross contamination and was, indeed, gluten free.  The shrimp was cooked perfectly and tasted great with the melted cheese in the dish. The wait staff seemed familiar with gluten free preparation, so I felt pretty comfortable asking questions and getting accurate answers.
The bad news: Since there was no breaded topping to absorb the butter, I ended up with a butter bath than contained a cup or two- literally –  of melted butter. Don’t get me wrong, I like butter as much as the next person, this this was just  too much.  As you can imagine, eating six shrimp wasn’t exactly filling, and I was glad I smuggled my sour cream and chive baked potato from Wendy’s to go with my meal.
The rest of my family ordered pizza, since they do not need to eat gluten free. The reported it was so-so overall and nothing they would want to order again.
This eatery is comfortable and and the wood fired oven added a great ambiance to the place. The wait staff was slow, even though there were only three or four other tables occupied while we were there, which was kind of annoying.
After this disappointment, I ended up at Whole Foods to stock up for the weekend.
Fuego Bistro & Pizzeria
2001 Sidewinder Drive
Park City, Utah 84068
(435) 645-8646
Have YOU eaten at Fuego, or another eatery in Park City? How was it?


One Response to “Restaurant Review: Fuego Bistro & Pizzeria in Park City, Utah”

  1. Tim Puckett
    September 4th, 2010 @ 10:09 pm

    I have never experienced service this bad…the waiter who claimed to be the highest level of authority…JC, made up the rules as he went. He even went as far as to tell us that we were lucky they stayed open for us for our 9:30 reservation even though we had confirmed a 10:00 closing time with the restaurant earlier. I would like to speak to the owner regarding the situation except JC refused to provide us with the necessary contact information as requested. I will tell anyone that will listen about the horrible experience I had at Fuego and how demeaning it was. This was the first time I have not left a tip and have mixed feelings about it although I could not justify compensating the server for the worst, demeaning encounter I have yet to experience.

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