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Product Review: Comfort Bar – Italian Chocolate Orange Almond & White Chocolate Cherry Chip

Posted on | September 2, 2009 | No Comments

I really like to have a protein packed snack in my purse in case I am out and about around meal time, and when I tried these Comfort Bars, I had high hopes for them since they seem like they would hold up well in a backpack or purse.
Well, they didn’t disappoint.  These bars are great for snacks or as a meal replacement bar. They are packed with 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and are sweetened with brown rice and agave syrup and evaporated cane juice – no corn syrup or processed sugar.  They also have a reasonable 5 grams of fat per bar. But how do they taste?
I was pleasantly surprised – there is a thin chocolate coating to satisfy any inkling of a sweet tooth, and it actually tasted good – no waxy residue or fake flavor to it.  The inside of these bars is somewhat firm, but chewy- kinda like a chewy caramel minus the sticking-to-your-teeth part.
The white chocolate cherry chip flavor was a really nice blend of cherry with a creamy hint of white chocolate flavor. However, sadly, in my whole entire bar there was a lone mini chocolate chip. So sad. But the rest of the bar was good- the cherry flavor wasn’t too strong and seemed balanced.
The Italian chocolate orange almond was tasty as well with perfectly balanced flavor between the chocolate and the orange. Remember those chocolate oranges from Terry’s you see at the holidays? Yah, the flavor is like that. But once again, I found a little, lonely almond smack dab in the middle of my Comfort Bar. I am sensing a theme here . . .
So, despite the lack of actual “chips” and almonds in the bars, I actually really liked them. They were filling, satisfying, and kinda like comfort food on the go.
Pros: 15 g protein, 5 gram fiber, filling, nice balanced flavors
Cons: light on chips and almonds
Rating: 4 stars
For nutritional information and an ingredient list, please click HERE.
Wanna try them? Try this link to see if a local store  is near you, or visit Comfort Bar’s online purchasing option for bulk purchases.


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