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Product Review: Pure Bars – vegan/ organic

There are  many gluten free snack bars on the market. So what makes a Pure bar so great?
These bars are raw, organic, fruit & nut bars that are cold processed and vegan.  They are also dairy free, gluten free, refined sugar free and contains 1 1/2 servings of fruit, 4-5 gram of fiber and 6-7 [...]

Product Reviews: Enjoy Life boom CHOCO boom Rice Milk Chocolate Bars – Three flavors – vegan, casein free, all natural, kosher, allergy friendly

Enjoy Life sent me these allergy friendly rice milk chocolate bars to review, and I was definitely curious. Could a chocolate bar without dairy, nuts or soy actually taste good? I was about to find out.
First and foremost, I think the idea of these bars is wonderful.  This is a nice alternative for those of [...]

Product Review: Gluten Free Wonderbar All Natural Fruit & Nut Snack bars- gluten free/ peanut free/ soy free/ handmade

Sorry for the delay! I have felt so frustrated this past week- my IP address was blocked from my my site host, so not only could I not update my site, I couldn’t even view it! This is the second time in two months. I am hoping it is the last or I am switching!
Yum! [...]

5 Product Reviews: Kind Fruit+Nut Bars- Almond & Apricot; Sesame & Peanuts; Fruit & Nut Delight; Nut Delight; Almond & Coconut ( all gluten free)

Right now I am in Utah with my family, searching for a new home in this part of the country. The one thing I have struggled with is what to eat. It is difficult to be out and about looking at houses and when I get hungry it became this big ordeal of where I [...]

Product Review: Kind Fruit + Nut Snack Bar – Almond & Apricot flavor- gluten free/ wheat free/ non GMO/ no trans fat

Can you believe it? Someone HACKED into my site- yes, this site! As a result, I completely lost my page one Google ranking for “gluten free food” and have to build my site credibility all over again. The worst part is that this will make it hard for some users to find me and share [...]

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