Gluten Free Food Reviews

Honest reviews of gluten free products for a tastier life

Ener G Pretzels- wheat, gluten, egg, lactose free

 Yum diddy yum-yum, I just adore these crispy little pretzels! They are perfectly crisp and taste fantastic with just the right amount of salt. They are the closest thing to a gluten-containing pretzel I have found to date.
I purchase them in a 2.65 ounce snack sized bag which yields 2-3 servings, depending on how hungry [...]

JO-SEF Gluten-Free Graham Crackers- gluten, wheat & egg free

Ok, this was the first gluten-free graham cracker I have ever seen, and I just had to try it. I found it tucked away on the bottom shelf of the natural food store near my home. And for $5.59 for a 6 ounce box- it better be good!
First of all, the packaging is very deceptive. The [...]

Hoffner’s Garlic Sticks- gluten free

This box is a decent sized 7 ouncer that fetches a price of $5.39 at my local natural foods grocer.
My first mistake was thinking these were like a bread stick- larger & lighter. They are not. They are small and dense- maybe two inches long and light in color, speckled with garlic and sesame. They have [...]

Glutino Gluten-Free Breadsticks- Pizza favor

 OK, from the photo on the box, I had high hopes for this product. The 5. 3 ounce box was purchased for $6.20- it’s a pretty tall box and is jam packed with light 3 inch “breadsticks.”
I use the term “breadsticks” loosely- these small sticks are more like crackers. They are very crunchy- no soft [...]

Peanut Butter Crispy Rice Bar: From Envirokidz

Here’s a nice sweet and chewy snack for a peanut butter lover!
The box of 6 indiividually wrapped bars ( for $4.99) offers a crunchy and chewy alternative to a granola bar- almost like a glorified rice krispy treat with some peanut butter thrown in. They have a nice taste and texture, but do little to satisy [...]

Kinnikinnick Tapioca Rice English Muffins- Gluten free

I purchased these muffins in the frozen foods section of a natural foods store for $5.29 for a package of four muffins. These aren’t your average sized muffins though- they are HUGE! Very thick, very tall. You could easily split them in half and save one half for later. Each muffin is 170 calories

The package suggests [...]

Blue Diamond Natural Nut-Thins Crackers -Pecan flavor- gluten free

 Yum Yum Yum! Did I happen to mention these crackers are yummy?
These round crackers are perfect for snacking right out of the box. They have a nice nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness from the pecans. They are also perfectly salted and give your mouth something to smile about. By far my favorite Nut-Thins [...]

Brown Rice Snaps -Tamari Sesame flavor- gluten free crackers

These round crackers are just right for snacks or appetizers! They are flat and very crunchy with a light sesame flavor. I like layering them with natural peanut butter and bananas or a bit of jam. Even thin slices of cheese or meat would be good, too.I personally don’t like them plain, as they have [...]

EnerG gluten-free pretzels

As good as the real thing . . .

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