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Amy’s Bowls- Baked Ziti with Rice Pasta and Organic Vegetables- gluten free/ wheat free/ non-dairy/ Vegan

Yummmmm, a steaming hot bowl of pasta on a chilly November afternoon. Sounds good to me! As I go about my cleaning and errands during the day, I sometimes keep a frozen gluten free product in the freezer to cook up while I put away groceries or get ready to pay bills. Brown rice [...]

Amy’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna- made with organic rice pasta & vegetables/ no gluten ingredients/kosher / corn free/ soy free

It’s been a while . . . almost a week and a half since my last review frozen foods review- uugggh. Now that my busy/crazy comittments are past, I am back on the GF review bandwagon. I also had high hopes of reviewing a great pie crust mix- Cause You’re Special Homestyle Gluten-Free Pie Crust [...]

DeBoles Gluten Free Corn Elbow Pasta Noodles- gluten free/ wheat free

Tomorrow I am off to historic Philadelphia with my family for the last weekend getaway of the fall season. We hope to enjoy the gorgeous fall leaves along the way, and balance contemporary fun and history on our itinerary. Our hotel we are staying at provides a full kitchen, which is great news for me! [...]

Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheese- organic and gluten free rice pasta

Today I have a house of sick and grouchy kids, and a husband that is out of town on business ( not a good combination). After coaxing saltines and sips of Sprite and Pedialite, I needed something quick, filling, comforting, and naturally, gluten free for myself. The box of Amy’s Macaroni & Cheese in my [...]

Tinkyada Pasta Joy Brown Rice Spaghetti Pasta Noodles – gluten free & wheat free

With noodles like these, who needs wheat? These Tinkyada gluten free spaghetti noodles were one of the first gluten free products I tried and it has become a staple in my own gluten free pantry.
I usually buy these noodles locally for $3.69. The bags are 16 ounces and will easily have enough noodles for a [...]

DeBoles Rice Penne Pasta Noodles- all natural, wheat & gluten free

These DeBoles penne noodles are packed in an 8 ounce box and contain enough noodles for at least 3 meals or so.
The penne is simple and quick to prepare as most noodles are. It is suggested to cook between 8 and 12 minutes, and rinse with cold water. I found that these noodles taste a [...]

Tinkyada /Pasta Joy Brown Rice Pasta Spirols- gluten & wheat free

You know what? I just love these noodles. And at $3.29 for a 16 ounce bag, it is money well worth spending.
These noodles cook in about 15 minutes into cute loose spirals that are ideal for casseroles and Italian dishes. I usually have these noodles with a thick and hearty sauce crowded with simmered [...]

Bionaturae Penne Rigate- rice potato and soy pasta

Hmmmm, I was pretty disappointed with this product, especially since their spaghetti is pretty good. What a shame, what a shame . . .
This pasta was chewy- really chewy- even after adding cooking time on my second prep attempt. The noodles are thick and definately hold their shape well, I guess I was just hoping [...]

Bionaturae Spaghetti Gluten Free Pasta

Another nice gluten free pasta product! And it’s made in Italy!
This pasta is made with rice, potato and soy, which gives it a slightly different flavor than your standard rice noodle option. To me, I could almost forget it was gluten free! The texture was like a traditional spaghetti and wasn’t too heavy or [...]

Product Review: Glutano Tagliatelle Noodles ( egg noodle style)

I love these gluten free Glutano maize noodles as a replacement for egg noodles! I buy them at my local natural foods store for $3.69  - $5 for a 8.8 ounce bag, which serves two to three people.
The noodles fresh out of the bag have a slightly twisted shape with a light yellow color, just [...]

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