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Product Review:Tinkyada Pasta Joy Fusilli Brown Rice Gluten Free Pasta Noodles- kosher/ wheat free

OK, these noodles are just too much fun!
I picked up this 16 ounce bag of gluten free pasta noodles for a hearty spaghetti dish when my local supermarket was sold out of my favorite gluten free Tinkyada penne pasta.

Straight from the package, these noodles were a bit strange, almost like a loose wave- curvier than [...]

Product Review: San-J Organic Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce- kosher/ gluten free/ wheat free

This April is my anniversary month.
In April I will be gluten free for two years- minus some cross contamination issues here and there (oops!). For 18 of those months, I did not eat any stir-fry, Asian influenced dishes, or marinades that required soy sauce. Why you may ask? This may sound silly. but I [...]

Product review: Beth’s Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour

Beth’s gluten-free all-purpose flour is a new product my local natural foods store. I was really excited to try it, because the Bob’s Red Mill all purpose flour I used in my recipes was a bit too heavy and dense. I purchased this one pound box for $3.99.
I am still new to gluten free [...]

Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Gluten Free Oats- Rolled

Oh my do I LOVE these! I picked up this hefty 32 ounce bag of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free rolled oats for a mere $5.99 at a local natural foods store when I was in Minnesota for my sister’s wedding back in December. I was thrilled that such large bag of gluten free oats [...]

Sylvan Border Farm Pancake & Waffle Mix – gluten free/ wheat free/ organic ingredients

I just love pancakes for breakfast in the morning with my girls. They prefer chocolate chips as their topping of choice, while I like banana, walnuts and a drizzle of real maple syrup. And, because I like pancakes so much, I am very picky when it comes to the gluten free variations. I still miss [...]

Lundberg Creamy Parmesan Risotto- gluten free/ low fat/ eco farmed

This Lundberg creamy parmesan risotto mix has become a staple in my pantry. It is great for those rushed, no fuss evenings because I know it will be hot and ready to serve by the time my chicken is off the grill. I purchased this 5.5 ounce mix for $2.19 at my local grocery store, [...]

Glutino Sans Gluten Free Plain Premium Bagels- gluten free/ wheat free

Before going gluten free 18 months ago, I lived on bagels. Loved them. Especially with cream cheese and sliced strawberries, peanut butter, or strawberry jam . . . yummm. And before last week, I hadn’t tried a gluten free bagel because I convinced myself a decent tasting replacement just wasn’t possible. I am not sure [...]

Amy’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna- made with organic rice pasta & vegetables/ no gluten ingredients/kosher / corn free/ soy free

It’s been a while . . . almost a week and a half since my last review frozen foods review- uugggh. Now that my busy/crazy comittments are past, I am back on the GF review bandwagon. I also had high hopes of reviewing a great pie crust mix- Cause You’re Special Homestyle Gluten-Free Pie Crust [...]

Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheese- organic and gluten free rice pasta

Today I have a house of sick and grouchy kids, and a husband that is out of town on business ( not a good combination). After coaxing saltines and sips of Sprite and Pedialite, I needed something quick, filling, comforting, and naturally, gluten free for myself. The box of Amy’s Macaroni & Cheese in my [...]

Sylvan Border Farm Chocolate Cake Mix- wheat free, gluten free

I picked up this mix on my last trip to the midwest. I did not recognize the brand or packaging of this Sylvan Border Farm chocolate cake mix, and promptly purchased it with a promise from my mother that our family would help me sample it. Ok, twist my arm mom! The helfty [...]

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