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Product Review: Udi's Plain Bagel

I found these gluten free bagels at my local grocery store for $5.99 in the frozen foods section.
I have been in one too many meetings where a delicious brunch is served, and often featured bagels. I always salivated a bit when I saw them. There was always an assortment from cinnamon raisin, poppy seed, and [...]

Product Review: Gluten Free Mama’s Scone Mix

At my house, we are huge breakfast people- and I mean HUGE. It is usually our largest meal of the day, as a matter of fact.  We love everything from scrambled eggs to french toast, and on holiday mornings our family tradition was  to make sweet and ooey gooey cinnamon rolls.  Sadly, we abandoned that [...]

Product Review: Tracey’s Treats gluten free bread mixes & muffin mix

Tracey’s Treats sent me some cute little mixes to test out for gluten free muffins, millet bread and oat bread. The mixes come in simple white bags that doesn’t use extra packaging or boxes. I liked that.
So were they any good? This is what I thought:
Outstanding Oat Bread Mix: This mix truly is “outstanding!”  After [...]

Product Review: Joan’s GF Great Bakes Bagels – Sesame & Plain flavors – gluten free/ wheat free/ dairy free option

Who doesn’t like a fresh, hot bagel?
Joan’s Great Bakes sent me their plain and sesame bagels to try. Each package contains five bagel shaped dough circles ready for you to bake in your own oven.  Joan’s offers the following flavors: plain, everything, poppy, sesame, egg/onion/poppy. A dairy free option is also available or all flavors.
Honestly, [...]

Product Review: Bread of Life gluten free blueberry muffin- oat free/ soy free/ rice free/ wheat free/ nut free

Another muffin from the Bread of Life Bakery! Their muffins are individually packaged for freshness and portability.
This muffin seems exactly like the Bread of Life Chocolate Chip muffins, except plump juicy blueberries are substituted for the chocolate chips. Look at the picture above to see for yourself- the blueberries are huge!
I won’t bore you by [...]

Product Review: Joan’s GF Great Bakes gluten free English Muffins – dairy free/ cholesterol free/ wheat free

Another product from Joan’s GF Great Bakes to continue my “new products” theme for the month, and it is a good one!
This Joan’s GF Great Bakes gluten free english muffin comes frozen in a package of six and is “mostly” baked- I say mostly because when thawed, the edges of my muffins were slightly gooey [...]

Bread of Life Chocolate Chip Muffin- gluten free/ soy free/ rice free/ rye free/ tree nut free/ peanut free/ oat free

This review will kick off a series of reviews for Bread of Life fresh baked goods. Since many of their products are packaged individually and have a shelf life of 7 to 10 days or so, I thought they would be a great option for gluten free traveling. They may be purchased online for $2.79, [...]

Glutino Sans Gluten Free Premium Sesame Bagels- gluten free/ wheat free

Ahhh, more bagels, Since I enjoyed the plain Glutino bagels so much, I just had to try their sesame flavor. Now, my sister Kristina swears by the Kinnikinnick bagels ( a review of them will be along soon!) I have found these to be chewy and satisfying. One of my old bagel favorites was [...]

Glutino Sans Gluten Free Plain Premium Bagels- gluten free/ wheat free

Before going gluten free 18 months ago, I lived on bagels. Loved them. Especially with cream cheese and sliced strawberries, peanut butter, or strawberry jam . . . yummm. And before last week, I hadn’t tried a gluten free bagel because I convinced myself a decent tasting replacement just wasn’t possible. I am not sure [...]

Gluten-Free Essentials Lemon Poppyseed Bread & Muffin Mix/ tea bread/cake- gluten, wheat, lactose, dairy, soy, nut free

This mix was graciously sent to me from Gluten-Free Essentials to review. I haven’t had any form of lemon poppyseed anything for ages, so I looked forward to trying this mix. Initially I thought this was a muffin mix, but the final product ended up as a lemon poppyseed tea cake. So, viola! The next [...]

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