Gluten Free Food Reviews

Honest reviews of gluten free products for a tastier life

Lundberg Creamy Parmesan Risotto- gluten free/ low fat/ eco farmed

This Lundberg creamy parmesan risotto mix has become a staple in my pantry. It is great for those rushed, no fuss evenings because I know it will be hot and ready to serve by the time my chicken is off the grill. I purchased this 5.5 ounce mix for $2.19 at my local grocery store, [...]

Heartland’s Finest All Natural White Cheddar Gluten free Macaroni & Cheese- Made from Navy Beans & Corn/ wheat free/ egg free/ peanut free

Since I enjoy Amy’s frozen version of gluten free macaroni and cheese, I was curious to see what this packaged product would taste like. I purchased the 9.1 ounce bag for $4.59 at my local natural food store. After tasting it myself and researching this gluten free macaroni and cheese online, I have found that [...]

Amy’s Bowls: Teriyaki with Organic Tofu, Brown Rice, and Vegetables/ gluten free/ wheat free/ non dairy/vegan

Once upon a time I made a mean teriyaki stir fry. Really- I loved it. Then my need to eat gluten free got in the way. Bye bye soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, kung pow sauce- the asian inspired sauces I loved were not on my gluten free “approved list.” It was almost a year before [...]

Amy’s Bowls- Baked Ziti with Rice Pasta and Organic Vegetables- gluten free/ wheat free/ non-dairy/ Vegan

Yummmmm, a steaming hot bowl of pasta on a chilly November afternoon. Sounds good to me! As I go about my cleaning and errands during the day, I sometimes keep a frozen gluten free product in the freezer to cook up while I put away groceries or get ready to pay bills. Brown rice [...]

Product Review: Ians Chicken Nuggets- gluten free/ GF/CF, allergy friendly

I really like making my own chicken tenders and nuggets. I use gluten free corn flake crumbles, a bit of egg and cooking and oil, and sha-zam! A chicken dish that my kids inhale in a matter of seconds. When I saw the Ians gluten free chicken nuggets in my local grocery store, I was [...]

Amy’s Bowls- Brown Rice & Vegetables with organic tofu- no gluten added/wheat free/ non dairy

To kick off my focus on gluten free frozen foods for this month, I just had to begin with an Amy’s product. To me, this line of frozenfood products has been a lifesaver while adjusting to a gluten free way of cooking and eating. Going gluten free often means more cooking from scratch with “new” [...]

Lean On Me Baking Company – Home Style Cornbread -Reduced Fat/ Gluten Free/ Wheat Free/ Sugar Free/ Yeast Free/ Dairy Free/ No Trans Fat

I thought this single serving of gluten free cornbread from the Lean On Me Baking Company would be great with a hot bowl of soup on a drizzly and particularly miserable autumn day, and I really wasn’t in the mood to make a whole pan of cornbread. Perfect. I picked this frozen product for $2.99 [...]

Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods -Potato Crusted Fish Filllets- gluten free/ wheat free/ all natural/ kosher

If you are one of those newly gluten free people that miss your Van de Kamps or Mrs. Paul’s frozen fish fillets, you are in luck my friend. The Dr. Praeger’s Potato Crusted Fish Fillets just might be what you are looking for. I purchased this product from the frozen food section of my local [...]

Amy’s Cheese Pizza- Rice Crust- Organic ingredients/ gluten free/ wheat free

Mmmmm, who doesn’t like a pizza that is quick and easy to prepare? I found this gem at my local grocery store in the natural foods department. For $5.99, I thought this Amy’s Cheese Pizza Rice Crust made with organic rice flour and tomatoes was worth a try. It easily serves two to three people.
Fresh [...]

Gluten-Free Essentials Side Kicks Italian Herb & Lemon Rice Mix- gluten free/ dairy free/ nut free/ soy free

Gluten-Free Essentials sent me this mix to sample during cake month in August. At the time, I just tucked it in my own gluten free pantry. In my house, I have a shelf just for my gluten free products. This shelf is located across the kitchen from our regular panrty that is laden with gluten [...]

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