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GF Bakery Review – Eleanor’s Bake Shop in Sandy, Utah

Eleanor’s Bake Shop
9495 South 560 West Building D
Sandy, UT 84070
Phone: 801-563-7466
Yes,  it’s a miracle. Resurrections happen! At least when it comes to my website.
I am excited to post some fun and tasty reviews now that school is almost out and my family has a break from the craziness.
I am kicking things off with one [...]

Product Review: Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakeshop Apple Pie

I purchased this 20 ounce gluten free apple pie from Whole Foods. I found it in their gluten free freezer and was curious. I love apple pie, and hoped this would be a good option for a home style apple pie when I am feeling too lazy to make one myself.
I let this pie thaw on countertop [...]

Product Review: Taste of Gluten Free Chocolate Cake/ Cupcakes

how to enlarge penis size
p>Another birthday means a new cake mix to try. I chose a Taste of Gluten Free chocolate cake, which was sent to us to try. Taste of Gluten Free is a 2 year old gluten free business based in Georgia.  Their cake mix retails for $5 , and makes a two [...]

Product Review: PatsyPie artisan cookies/biscuits & brownies (gluten free)

This is a review suggested by a reader email! Linda from Hawaii asked me about these gluten free bakery items. She has a son away at college and is looking for some good gluten free food choices for him.
PatsyPie was founded by Pat Libling, otherwise known as “PastyPie”. She was diagnosed with celiac in [...]

Bakery review: Cupcakes Squared Bakery- San Diego – gluten free cupcakes!

When my husband and I snuck away sans kids to San Diego last month, he surprised me with our first stop- a bakery that makes gourmet gluten free cupcakes!
Cupcakes Squared Bakery is tucked away in the corner of a strip-mall type area about 10 minutes from the San Diego airport. I had a chance to [...]

Product Review: Jake Bakes Oatty Chocolate Chip Cookies – dairy free, gluten free

Check out these fresh baked gluten free cookies from Jake Bakes! Jake Bakes is a dedicated gluten free bakery in New Jersey, which is also dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free, and trans fat free. These are different, but in a good way. They sell for $5.95 for one package of cookies.

Each [...]

Product Review: Shabtai Gourmet Gluten Free Marble Cake – GFCF / soy free/ casein free/ dairy free/ no trans fat/ kosher

This is the last of my Shabtai reviews! This is the final product I tested. Too bad I didn’t save the best for last.
This gluten free cake is a loaf style cake that comes packaged in a foil pan. It slices fairly easily and looks really good; the swirls of chocolate are quite pretty in [...]

Product Review: Shabtai Gourmet Gluten Free Ring Tings snack cakes – gfcf/ soy free/ dairy free/ casein free/ kosher

Ahh, more gluten free junk food!  Just what I need! Ha ha, just kidding.
Shabtai Gourmet sent me these gluten free Ring Ting chocolate snack cakes to try out. They are supposed to be the gluten free version of Hostess Ho Ho’s, or like chocolate cupcakes with a vanilla flavored creme filling. They are also casein [...]

Product Review: Joans GF Great Bakes Ready To Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love the idea of these gluten free chocolate chip cookies!
Joan’s GF Great Bakes sent me this ready to bake cookie dough to try out. I was amazed- they are even pre-scooped/shaped! All you have to do is place the scoops of frozen dough on a cookie sheet, bake, and then eat. It doesn’t get [...]

Product Review: Shabtai Rainbow Cookies – gluten free/ dairy & casein free/ kosher/ soy free/ gfcf

These gluten free “cookies” from the Shabtai Gourmet Bakery come in a 12 ounce box, and are more like mini pieces of cake than a cookie. You would never guess they are gluten free. Ever.  Each piece is just big enough for two bites or so.
These gluten free cookies are very moist, soft, and enrobed [...]

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