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Product Review:EnerG Gluten Free Bread Crumbs- gluten free/ wheat free/ dairy free/ casein free / egg free / soy free/ nut free

I found myself in a fix for dinner. I was planning on making chicken tenders with my favorite coating, the Southern Homestyle corn flake crumbs. But, I was out. Oh no! So, I tried the Ener G bread crumbs, and prayed my picky kids would like them. My 10 ounce box of Ener [...]

Ener-G Tapioca Hamburger Bun- gluten free/ wheat free/ casein free/ dairy free/ egg free/ soy free/ nut free

One night my fabulously talented husband cooked pork BBQ for me and my entire family, perfectly flavored and super savory. However, in order to have a great dinner, I wanted my BBQ on a sandwich roll, not just on two slices of rice bread. It’s just not the same! So, when I came across this [...]

Ener-G Sesame Pretzel Rings- gluten, wheat, casein, dairy, eggs, nut, rice free

These tasty little pretzel rings come in a 2.65 ounce bag that provides aproximately two servings. I purchased them for $1.89 at my local natural foods store, and I believe it was worth it. These are great!
First of all, it’s not like I am a huge sesame fan, and I wasn’t quite sure what to [...]

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