Gluten Free Food Reviews

Honest reviews of gluten free products for a tastier life

Original Wheat & Gluten Free Cheesecake- Lean On Me Baking Company/ all natural/ no added sugar/ no trans fats

Cheesecake used to be my favorite dessert. I wouldn’t have it very often, but when I did, it was a dessert I would savor. I say “used” to be my favorite because I haven’t had cheesecake in ages, and haven’t taken the time to figure out a yummy gluten free version. Lately I have [...]

Gluten Free Cake Recipes

Since I was less than impressed with a lot of the gluten free cake mixes out there- especially the vanilla/ yellow cake flavors. I thought I’d provide a few links to some recipes from all the great GF blogs and websites out there! Maybe these recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth and have great texture and great [...]

Gluten Free Cake Month Round-Up

Ok, so It took me longer than a month, but what a month it was! The cakes and desserts category now features the following gluten free cakes and frostings:
Authentic Foods Vanilla Cake Mix
Cherrybrook Kitchen gluten free chocolate cake mix
Cherrybrook Kitchen Vanilla Frosting Mix
Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Frosting Mix
Gluten-Free Pantry Old Fashioned Cake and Cookie Mix
Gluten-Free Pantry [...]

Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Cake Mix – wheat free/ gluten free/ peanut free/ dairy free/egg free/nut free

I just can’t get over how cute the packaging is for Cherrybrook Kitchen products! It is so whimsical and fun, how can you resist?
This 16.4 ounce cake mix sells for $5.39 and requires oil, water, and gluten free vanilla. ( I used Authentic Foods Vanilla Powder and canola oil)It is simple and easy to [...]

Gluten-Free Pantry Old Fashioned Cake & Cookie Mix

This mix caught my eye when I was searching for the Gluten-Free Pantry’s chocolate version. Since I haven’t found a decent yellow or vanilla cake mix yet, I thought I’d give this a try since most of their products are decent and reliable. I purchased this 15 ounce mix for $3.99, and it makes [...]

Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Frosting Mix- gluten, nut, soy, dairy, egg free, vegan

OK gluten free food lovers, the cake is strictly optional when it comes to the Cherrybrook Kitchen Chocolate Frosting Mix. Seriously, just get yourself a spoon and you are set.
I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try this mix since the vanilla version was a big buttery flop, and it is [...]

Authentic Foods Vanilla Cake Mix- gluten, soy & wheat free

I just love Authentic Foods Vanilla Powder. Sometimes I will just open the bottle to catch a whiff- it is that good! So, when I saw an Authentic Foods Vanilla Cake Mix, I knew I just had to try it. One 11 ounce pouch sells for $5.89 and makes one eight inch cake.

I found the [...]

Gluten Free Pantry Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix- gluten, wheat free

I finally got it right! After my first flop at making this cake mix ( thanks to accidentally turning off the oven) second time’s a charm. This 15 ounce box makes one 8 inch cake. However I made about a dozen cupcakes.
This mix was easy to prepare with my Kitchen Aid mixer and just as [...]

‘Cause You’re Special! Moist Yellow Cake Mix- gluten, casein, & wheat free, all natural

What is my deal? All of my vanilla/white/yellow gluten free cake mixes are all so . . . ho-hum, nothing exciting or good so far. The ‘Cause You’re Special Moist Yellow Cake Mix is no exception. I purchased this 14.8 ounce mix locally for $6.19, and it makes one 8 inch cake.

The mixing instructions were [...]

Dowd & Rogers Dark Vanilla Cake Mix- gluten & wheat free, all natural

As I scoured the gluten free section at Nature’s Pantry, I was on the lookout for a good vanilla or white cake mix. Not just a good one, but a great one. The description on the box of this Dowd & Rogers dark vanilla cake mix boasted this mix as “artisan” with Italian chestnut flour [...]

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