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Product Reviews: Kinnikinnick S’morables Graham Style Crackers and Graham Style Crumbs – gluten free, nut free, dairy free

My summers just got a little sweeter with these tasty gluten free graham crackers from Kinnikinnick!
S’mores are a sinful summer staple at my house for backyard fire pits and camping excursions, and I often feel little wistful that I can’t have a s’more that tastes as good as the original.  And the comments of ” Oh, [...]

Product Review: Goldbaum’s Zesty Rice Crisps (3 flavors: Sweet Chili, Garlic & Original) – gluten free/ sugar free/ kosher/ organic

I have snacked on many rice crisps since going gluten free two years ago. I wanted a substitute for the light, crispy crackers I used to enjoy.
Well, I’m not going to lie, it’s just not the same. But I have learned that a gluten free product doesn’t have to be “the same” in order to [...]

Product Review: Goldbaum’s Natural Foods Crispinis – plain and salt & black pepper flavors/ all natural/ kosher

More crispini flavors from Goldbaum’s Natural Foods!
I was so impressed with their onion and garlic gluten free crackers, that I had high hopes for their other two flavors. I was happy to discover that these rice crisp-like crackers were thick and sturdy, and perfect for on-the-go snacking.
These crackers came in a single serving sized package [...]

Goldbaum’s Onion & Garlic Crispinis gluten free crackers – wheat free/ kosher/ low fat

Goldbaum’s sent me these kosher, gluten free crispini crackers to try, and I have to admit, I was skeptical. I have tried many rice based gluten free crackers, and wasn’t expecting much.
However, I was pleasantly surprised- these gluten free snack crackers are really great!
I sampled their 3.5 ounce bag of onion & garlic crispini crackers, [...]

Product Review: Mary’s Gone Crackers Sticks n Twigs gluten free crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers sent me these gluten free crackers to try out in the following gluten free flavors: sea salt, chipotle & tomato, and curry. I thought the flavors sounded unique and was curious what they would taste like.
Fresh out of the bag, I took the above photo. Quite honestly, I thought the chipotle [...]

Product Review: Mary’s Gone Crackers! gluten free crackers – organic/ kosher/ vegan/ dairy free/ wheat free/ nut free

Mary’s Gone Crackers send me a sample pack of their crackers. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think. I mean, I like healthy foods, but I am not a foodie by any means, even though sometimes I wish I was. These gluten free crackers almost looked too healthy and I was worried they would taste [...]

Hoffner’s Garlic Sticks

These garlic sticks come in a 7 ounce box. I paid $5.39 at my local natural foods store.
These garlic sticks are fairly small (3-4 inches) and moderately crunchy. Initially, I thought these sticks would be comparable to a small crispy breadstick. Nope. Wrong. They are, in fact, excatly what the title implies. The sticks [...]

Blue Diamond Natural Cheddar Nut Thins- Nut & Rice Cracker Snacks -gluten & wheat free

*cracker photo coming soon!*
I bought these crackers for $2.89 at my local grocery store. Since I love the other Nut Thins crackers, I thought these would be fun to try.
Like other nut thins crackers, these crispy snacks have a light and subtle almond taste with a great texture and satisfying crunch. The cheese flavor is [...]

Blue Diamond Natural Almond Nut-Thins – Country Ranch Nut & Rice Cracker Snacks – gluten free

 I think these have to be my all time favorite gluten free snack cracker. Seriously, they are so good!
These crackers come in a 4.25 ounce box and sells for $2.89 in my area. These ranch flavored crackers are a  flavorful snack that successfully balances the nutty cracker with the ranch flavor. The crackers are perfectly [...]

JO-SEF Gluten-Free Graham Crackers- gluten, wheat & egg free

Ok, this was the first gluten-free graham cracker I have ever seen, and I just had to try it. I found it tucked away on the bottom shelf of the natural food store near my home. And for $5.59 for a 6 ounce box- it better be good!
First of all, the packaging is very deceptive. The [...]

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