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Product Review: JD’s Bacon Salt – Natural flavor – gluten free/ low sodium/ vegetarian/ kosher

I simply cannot believe it- a seasoning blend that makes everything taste like bacon? Are you serious?
Apparently, JD’s is very serious about it’s natural Bacon Salt seasoning blend that is gluten free, vegetarian and kosher. I tested the gluten free “natural” flavor in my gluten free kitchen to see if it really made my food [...]

Product Review: Cali Spicy Fiesta Gourmet Seasoning Mix- Medium Spice- gluten free/ dairy free/ yeast free/ vegan/ no MSG/ organic ingredients when available

( I can’t believe this is my 200th post!)
Yum! Cali did it again- another tasty seasoning mix that is free from gluten! I am always wary of the seasoning packets at the grocery store that are supposed to be gluten free. I worry that the spices may not be pure or the formulation may have [...]

Product Review:Cali Foods Herb Medley Gourmet Seasoning- Mild Spice/ gluten free/ dairy free/ yeats free/ vegan options/ no MSG

Ahh, another quality Cali seasoning for your cooking enjoyment!
Cali Fine Foods Herb Medley Gourmet Seasoning Mix ( Mild spice) boasts versatility and claims to be ideal for dips, marinades, meats, vegetables, pasta and rice. There are even four recipes as well as servings suggestions on the back of the packaging. Very handy! [...]

Product Review:Cali Foods Sweet & Spicy BBQ Mix: Spicy Hot- gluten free/ wheat free/ dairy free, yeast free/ vegan options

Mmmm, grilled gluten free BBQ chicken. Quick, easy and super yummy!

Cali Fine Foods sent me this .9 ounce gluten free BBQ mix seasoning packet to try. I was quite intrigued by this dry seasoning packet. When I think of barbecue, instead of a dry rub of spices, a saucy slathering on my meat of [...]

Product Review: San-J Organic Tamari Wheat Free Soy Sauce- kosher/ gluten free/ wheat free

This April is my anniversary month.
In April I will be gluten free for two years- minus some cross contamination issues here and there (oops!). For 18 of those months, I did not eat any stir-fry, Asian influenced dishes, or marinades that required soy sauce. Why you may ask? This may sound silly. but I [...]

Product Review: Cali Foods Garlic Gusto Gourmet Seasoning Mix : Mild Spice- gluten free/wheat free/ dairy free/ yeast free/vegan option/no MSG/ organic

Wow. These gluten free seasonings sure pack a punch! Cali Fine Foods sent me this one ounce Garlic Gusto Gourmet Seasoning packet to try out. When I cut open the packet I was shocked at how strong and pure the seasonings smelled. You can tell it is high quality, and a little goes a [...]

Seeds of Change Organic Italian Herb Vinaigrette Salad Dressing- gluten free, 95% organic

I purchased this 13 ounce bottle of salad dressing for $3.95 from my local grocery store, in the natural foods section. I was excited to find an italian style dressing marked “Gluten-Free”. Yah, baby!
I must say, this dressing is wonderful, amazing, light, and flavorful. The consistency is that of any good vinaigrette, and pours [...]

Full Circle Pure Maple Syrup- 100% organic

Yum! I just love this syrup with a stack of hot Pamela’s pancakes on a chilly morning.
This syrup comes in a 12 ounce glass bottle, ready to serve. It is dark amber grade and pours fairly thin. Therefore, it absorbs into the pancakes or waffles pretty quickly. Be conservative in your dosage unless you want mushy [...]

Mr. Spice Honey BBQ Barbeque Sauce & Marinade: salt free/ fat free / gluten free/ dairy free/ organic

This is one of the few gluten free BBQ sauce brands I have found locally so far, so I was REALLY hoping it would be a good one. I found this sauce for $4.29 for a 10.5 ounce bottle
Well, it’s good, but not great. The sauce has a strong fruit base and is mildly sweet [...]

The Gluten-Free Pantry Taco Seasoning

Ooooo, I like this seasoning! I use it to make beef and chicken tacos, burritos, salads and quesadillas. This seasoning offers a nice mexican flavor without worrying about gluten ingredients. It is not very spicy and would be appropriate for those that prefer mild or medium heat.
I purchased this at a natural foods store for [...]

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