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Carrot Cake- Lean On Me Baking Company- gluten, wheat free

Posted on | January 25, 2007 | 1 Comment

Carrot Cake      

Ok, this cake is small but mighty. I purchased it at a local natural foods store in the freezer section, and was curious if the $2.99 price tag for a single serving size cake would deliver something that actually tasted like a “regular” carrot cake. It also boasts 130 calories, no sugar added and reduced fat. (Hmm, in a CAKE? That ought to be interesting!)

The carrot cake is purchased frozen (obviously) and then left at room temperature until thawed. The package suggests 10 minutes. I left mine out for over 30 minutes and the center was still partially frozen. After waiting another 10 minutes, I lost my patience and dug right in.

I was surprised at the fresh but sweet carrot flavor- I could actually see the tiny shredds of carrot in there (yes, a carrot cake that actually had carrot in it!). The cake was ultra moist with a texture that gave no indiciation of it’s rice flour base. It was not crumbly or grainy in any way. A nice bonus is the subtle flavor of cinnamon that complimented the carrot wonderfully. The cream cheese “frosting” was not creamy and smooth, but very thick and would break off in chunks ( I guess because it was frozen). However, it was tangy and flavorful and paired well with the cake. Overall, very yummy!

Pros: Great flavors and texture, perfect single serving size

Cons: chunky frosting, long thaw time, kind of pricey for a small cake

Rating: 4 stars

Ingredients: Coming soon!

*This cake may be purchased in the frozen foods section of local grocery and natural food stores*


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