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Amy’s Enchiladas- Cheese with organic corn and tomatoes (gluten free ingredients)

Posted on | January 23, 2007 | No Comments

Cheese enchiladas    

I bought this product at my local grocery store for $2.50.  I thought it would make a perfect lunch item, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

These enchiladas can be cooked via microwave (5 minutes) or oven (55 minutes). Since I am not a patient person I opted for the microwave cooking version.

Upon opening the package I found a cardboard tray with two enchiladas sprinkled with a few shredded pieces of cheese. I wasn’t too impressed. After five minutes in the microwave my lunch looked even worse. The cheese had comepletely disappeared in a pool of reddish sauce. However, the yummy smell coming from the tray saved it from the open trash can across the room.

To my surprise, it was good- really good! The enchiladas cook fairly flat ( not like the plump photo on the box), but the corn tortillas hold their shape well and do not fall apart. There is a pleasant combination of cheese, spicy tomato and mysterious mexican spices that are appealing and tasty inside the soft but chewy tortillas. if you look hard, you might find bits of corn and chilis are here and there. After a few bites a noticed a more intense spiciness from the chilis that made the enchiladas even better.

Pros: fast cooking, great flavor, great price

Cons: Quite frankly, it doesn’t look that appealing, there could be more corn and chilis, considering the name of the product. product photo on box is VERY misleading

Rating: 4 stars


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